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First Time Visitor, Let's Face It! The so called "NORM"
is not successful for elevating society (the world). But
despite this social failure, most people have taken a
robotic flow with what appears to be the everyday

To help elevate society getting them to think outside
the box requires change and effort, so it is met with
judgement, instead.

"The Easy Way Out" is just to sneer & judge despite
realizing and knowing that the mainstream norm is
no longer or has ever been truly successful. And so
continues the "Social Rut", the circle of stagnation
instead of elevation (growth).

A Higher or Better Resolve? ...

Na, "Thinking is Just Too Difficult!" Lets just keep
going with the flow, let's keeping allowing society to
keep reaping wrong or evil results. As long as it
doesn't directly affect me or my family, Who Cares? ...

(Hmm, that is until one day it does affect you, a friend
or family) ArTay De Mora

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