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All Are WELCOMED! Atheist, Agnostic, Gnostic, New Age, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim,
Orthodox & Non-Orthodox Judaism, Orthodox & Non-Orthodox Christianity
(... With or Without Dogma or Rigid Doctrinal Beliefs).

"I can so lovingly relate to all religions (philosophies) and I agree with a lot of their
teachings; however, I Myself (among many) Don't Agree With All "Perspectives/
Teachings" …

Nevertheless, as "A TRUTH SEEKING SOUL" ...

... I have more so accepted and embraced a Christian Belief, a Hope and a Faith that makes a relationship
with God and a relationship with your fellowman just gracefully and beautifully simple.

Allow Me to Elaborate:  
I’ve come to greater understand (via research, study, prayer and meditation) that we
can't obtain God's highest approval or earn eternal life ("salvation") by our own good works, because despite our
good works or in between our good works we also do bad ("wrong or evil") to ourselves and/ or to others. We
dwell on good thoughts but we also think or dwell on wrong or evil thoughts ("The Bad"). And so, because of this
inner turmoil ("constant battle") I've come to higher understand
that God is really not impressed by our self-
righteous acts.

Here is What I Discovered:
 Monotheism (The belief in One God) was spiritually introduced or re-introduced and
embraced by the patriarch Abraham (A.K.A. "The Father of Faith"). And as this spiritual awakening continued to
evolve amongst the people, sometime later this very same “One God” (or “God Head”) introduces "Himself" to a
man named Moses with an expansion of vital information--"The Laws of Life":  Ethics, Morals and other Civil Codes
to live by... But in order to help them keep these commandments, wrong or evil actions by one or many had to be
gently or harshly disciplined ("punished"). Or at times even eradicated to help greater ensure a society of peace,
love and harmony, (Cross Reference - Holy Bible Genesis 12-25)/ (Holy Bible-Exodus)

Hey Reader, can you relate, parents have a natural tendency to somewhat do the same, discipline ("punish")
their child to help subdue or tame destructive behavior (minus the eradication part).

But anyway, because this "One God" (the God who claims to be our originator--"creator") is so loving, He
temporarily accepts the sacrificial offering of an animal for atonement as a "SCAPE-GOAT" (so to speak). Again,
wrong or evil thinking and doing (“Sin”) needs to be gently or harshly disciplined but God accepts the sacrificial
offering of a blameless innocent animal as a replacement and pardoning tool to serve as a reminder of the
harsh like-kind discipline or eradication mankind sadly deserves (for our wrong or evil thoughts/ actions (sins).
But as time went by none of this truly helped, despite the consequences and all the animal sacrifices one and
too many were still failing themselves, failing others and failing God.

* Harshly judging, accusing and punishing others also got way
out of hand and even quite ugly ...

Too many with a pious outlook, who themselves were obviously or secretly guilty of some kind of wrong or
evil doing, took it upon themselves to harshly judge and harshly punish the guilty and the innocent. So, a
predetermined heavenly plan was suddenly put into effect, a heavenly being or a heavenly member of
“The God-Head” (so to speak) will come to earth to share heavenly wisdom and peace.

Example:  After a woman was caught in the act of adultery a group of (“religious”) men set out to stone her
to death,
but Jesus saved her with his wisdom, he said to them, any of you who is without the guilt of doing
wrong or evil ("sin"), throw the first stone (at this woman). Obviously perplexed by the fact that they
were all guilty of some kind of sin in their lives, they had to let this “Adulteress” Woman Go …  
(Reference: Holy Bible New Testament John 8:1-11)

Jesus displayed Amazing Love, Amazing Grace!!!  But that’s not all, this heavenly being claimed that he will
also lay down his earthly life to be the final and the most perfect sacrifice for the atonement of all the sins of
mankind. The harshest punishment that mankind deserves or can (ultimately) deserve, will now fall on him.

* What I find so interesting, is that all this was predicted to come to pass approximately 700 years before it all
actually took place ("came to pass"). It's recorded in the Hebrew book of The Prophets (NEV'IM), the secondary
book of the Hebrew Bible ("The Book of Isaiah") which is included as well in the Christian Canon (Bible):

Isaiah 53:5-6"... But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment
that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. We all like sheep, have gone astray, each
of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all... ( Holy Bible N.I.V.)

(* Actually the entirety of Isaiah 53 speaks about this, a very interesting read).

Because of what Jesus did for mankind, all the former laws and teachings of the prophets have been narrowed
down to this: ...
“You shall love the Lord your God with all your Heart and with all your Soul and with
all your Mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your
neighbor as yourself.
(Holy Bible E.S.V. Matthew 22: 37-40)

And so upon accepting (embracing) the sacrificial gift of Jesus ("The Christ") rendering harsh or even brutal
punishment is no longer necessary ("a thing of the past"), all of our past & present wrong or evil thoughts--
actions ("sins") can be pardoned (through him) and the promise of eternal life can now be ours (yours) by just
simply believing and accepting this sacrificial gift. Jesus the one who personally took our sins upon himself
and saved us from the need to punish harshly in this life and the after life ...

However, keep in mind that this is not a license to sin, for we can all still personally reap (instantly, gradually or
eventually) from what we or others sow; today, many of us simply refer to this as "Karma".

But here is another part of the good news, because of what Jesus did for all of us, God can now focus on
building a graceful, loving relationship with each and every one of us. And upon personally accepting this gift,
God will give each and everyone of us a portion of His Holy Spirit (a spirit that is free from all wrong and evil)
to dwell with in us, to instantly or gradually help us become Better Beings ("A Working Progress").

When Jesus came to earth he officially became a son of God just as we all are or can be children of God. Jesus
referred to God as Father, to help us relate to the fact that God wants to be a loving father (parent) to us all. And
so because of this sacrificial self-less act for God and all of mankind, God promoted Jesus to sit at His Right Hand
and their he sits next to a loving God interceding for us. And because of everything he did for us, God has also
allowed him (Jesus) to receive the due honor and praise that he so deserves.

PowerAdam Visitors: Whether you believe or not, can you agree, isn't this a beautiful faith. A spiritual event
that invites us and encourages us to personally embrace this gift and then to simply rear our focus on loving
God and loving each other.

Now, I didn't share all this to proselytize this beautiful faith (my embraced faith). I shared all this just
to inform that as a
"Truth Seeking Soul" I didn't allow past or present cultural pride, traditional pride, nor
religious pride to keep me from spiritually awakening and evolving ...

* Take Note: If you are a practicing Christian whose come across this page, no, I am not competing with the
Church, nor am I discouraging Church attendance. Church is a beautiful atmosphere, a gathering of like-minds for
learning, growing, encouragement & inspiration. However, putting all disputable matters (that exist between
Churches) aside, I among many believers have discovered that the purpose of the central message & mission of
Jesus (the Christ) is indeed to extend an invitation for one & all whether you attend Church or not (casually can,
occasionally can or for whatever reason can't do so at all).

"Not (just) in temples built of Stone", "The Kingdom of God is all around us and within us"...  

Jesus paved the way so that everyone can gracefully be restored
, gracefully be pardoned of all wrong or
evil thinking & doing. Consistently or strongly reconnecting with God our maker, each of us building a personal
relationship through sincere communion (prayer) will instantly or gradually help us become better beings via
thought or deed (action). Once again, not in (or with) our own strength but with the loving guidance, strength
or discipline that God within us (his spirit) will provide; inward change doesn't have to be self righteously pain
staking but a loving, graceful awakening journey & growth  :)        

* Dear Reader, with or without a current belief or faith, I want to encourage everyone to become "Truth
Seeking Souls" and
whether we choose to agree or disagree with regard to disputable matters as well, let's at
least agree to do so in perfect harmony, as children of God, with love & peaceful dialogue. There isn't, nor should
there ever be any harmful competition neither by word or deed when it comes to loving God and loving each
other. Yours truly, ArTay De Mora/ PowerAdam.com (c) 2017/2018
ArTay De Mora. The name Arte`
(or Artay) De Mora means or
denotes                 "Art in Progress"
or   "Working Progress".
In a world where one and way too
many have a strong need to grow--
evolve--instantly, gradually
or eventually heal ...

I want to inspire and encourage
one and many (as often as one can)
to make greater use of the power of
your words, your actions and surely
make greater use of the power of
Art & Expression  for "The Greater
Good" of One and All ...

So PowerAdam Visitor, Let's Begin!
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