“The Power of a Flower”

Dear Sister, Dear Brother

Just imagine, the Aroma of
God on a green stick, earthly
found rooted on the ground for
all to reach or pick; it’s true,
“Flowers are Heaven Scent”.
Heaven sent to remind us all
that God intended and still
intends for life to be—

"A Bouquet of Love”
You and Me,

Me—for you / You—for me!

Sister, Brother, Let us all then
seek to live in Perfect Harmony...

Tay Ora

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they
will be called Children of God".
Holy Bible
(N.I.V.) Matthew 5:9
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Loving God & Loving each
other--A Never Ending
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Jesus said that you can't claim
to love ("honor") God (the
Creator--our Originator) and
Hate your Fellowman ...
See Holy
Bible 1 John 4:20
"Whether you believe in a
Higher Intelligence--"A
Higher Power" or not, all are
welcomed: Atheist,Truth
Seeking Souls, People of all
Religions, Faiths... Let's not
harm each other verbally,
mentally or physically. Let's
agree to agree & let's agree
to disagree with peaceful
dialogue" :)
"Truth Seeking Souls" seek or share
Higher Wisdom--Higher Love
teachings without competition,
cultural or religious pride"..
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